It sometimes seems as if violence and aggression is everywhere: nation against nation, people against people.  But violence isn’t just about bombs and bullets.  It can take many forms and occur anywhere…. physical harassment, verbal abuse, psychological bullying, on our streets and neighbourhoods, our schools or in our workplace.

Make your voice heard!

Here’s a thought! What if we could stand still for one day, or for one moment in one day, and make an ongoing commitment to non-violence in our words, thoughts and actions?  That’s what International Peace Day, on 21 September, is all about.

It’s a day when everyone can come together and say “I stand up for peace, it’s important to me, to my family, my friends, my work colleagues and neighbours”. It’s a day when we can show that violence has no place in our society. And it’s a day when we can each do something to actively promote non-violence.

Springboard’s Peace Day Campaign is about how we can bring the ethos of Peace Day into our daily lives, even for one day.  In a society that has undergone over 30 years of conflict, Peace Day on 21st September, has special resonance.  The Day serves as a unifying call to Reflect on our journey to peace; to show our Support for continuing efforts for peace and non-violence by all in our society; and, to Celebrate how far we have come as a society and as people.

Your voice matters too

Crucially, as you make your voice heard, the Peace Day message will be spread through you.  Creating peace between nations is important, but Springboard’s Peace Day campaign is about promoting non-violence right here, in our homes, communities, streets and schools, and in our everyday life.  That’s why your involvement in our local celebration of Peace Day is so important.

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