2009 Archive News

11/09/09 Organised by Springfield Charitable Association in association with the Greater Shankill Community Safety Network. This unique race will cover the Falls and Shankill Roads areas of Belfast finishing back at Farset International. It encourages all people, of all abilities, colour, creed or ethnicity to participate. The event starts at 10:30am on Sunday 20th September. […]

27/07/09 Sign up to the Peace Day Campaign and have the chance of winning two tickets for the Peace Day Concert headlining Brian Kennedy on 21 September at the Ulster Hall.  All new entries made during the month of August will be placed in a draw.  The lucky winner will be notified on 1st September […]

17/07/09 Building upon the success of last years concert to raise awareness for the UN International Day of Peace, the Peace Day Campaign concert this year will be held in Belfast’s Ulster Hall with the highly talented headline act Brian Kennedy. With ‘a voice to charm the angels’ Brian will be live on stage to […]

30/03/09 PARENTS CIRCLE – FAMILIES FORUM (PCFF) is a community of Israelis and Palestinians who have lost close family members during the conflict. Together, they promote a long-term reconciliation process through dialog and mutual understanding. The PCFF marked the International Peace Day 2008 by commemorating family members who died due to the conflict. On that […]

30/03/09 Thousands of people have attended a series of rallies in Northern Ireland to show their anger at the murders of two soldiers and a policeman. Silent protests took place in Belfast, Lisburn, Newry, Downpatrick and Londonderry. Speaking in Belfast, Eugene McGlone of the Unite union, which helped organise the rallies, described the turnout as […]

05/02/09 During 2009 Springboard will publish the first locally based resource pack to help groups raise awareness of the International Day of Peace on the 21st September each year.  The resource pack will be aimed at three distinct age groups – under 10’s, teenagers and young adults. It will include a range of activities, workshop/lesson […]

05/02/09 The UN Ambassador to Afghanistan, Kai Eide underscores the vital role UN Peace Day 2008 played in saving lives, ”Overall, there is no doubt that the security situation is deteriorating, the figures show that and it is of grave concern. But at the same time the United Nations in Afghanistan was able to mobilize […]

05/02/09 Heraldo Muñoz of Chile and Park In-kook of the Republic of Korea were elected Chair and Vice-Chair, respectively, by acclamation for a period of one year beginning on 1 January 2009.  The Peacebuilding Commission (PBC) is a new intergovernmental advisory body of the United Nations that supports peace efforts in countries emerging from conflict, […]

06/01/09 Since 2008, over 100 individuals, groups, politicians, community groups, schools, churches and public sector organisations have now joined Springboard’s Peace Day Campaign. The aim of the campaign is to create a talking point about the International Day of Peace, which takes place every year on 21st September, across every Member State of the United Nations. […]

06/01/09 2008 was an amazing year for Springboard’s Peace Day Campaign. On Sunday 21st September 2008, Springboard held the first ever local Belfast concert for Peace to raise awareness of the International Day of Peace and to celebrate with local bands, community groups and visitors. The ethos of the day was simple: celebrate peacebuilding and […]

06/01/09 The aim of the Peace Day Campaign is to create a talking point about the International Day of Peace, and how we all have something to contribute to this amazing international day of ceasefire and non-violence. 2008 was an important first year of the Peace Day Campaign, and 2009 will see even more events and activities […]

06/01/09 2009 is going to be an exciting year for people and organisations involved in peacebuilding. A number of important events and activities are taking place throughout the year, and these represent useful tools as you think about how to engage your communities and public authorities in peacebuilding. 2009, for example, will see rotating European […]

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