Why not support our campaign to mark the International Day of Peace?

Sign up for Peace

As a society, we have come through decades of violence and mistrust and are now tasting the first fruits of peace. Our experience of building a future from a troubled past puts us in a unique position to celebrate the UN Peace Day.  So why not express your support for this International day of Peace and non-violence in a very real way, and help raise awareness of its aims, by signing up to our campaign.

You’re not alone

Members of the public, politicians, students, community workers, professionals, unemployed people and others from across every sector of society have already signed up to show their support for our Peace Day Campaign.  Others such as schools, community groups and voluntary organisations have also stepped up to be counted.   Unite with millions across the world and make your voice count.

Spread the word

We’re doing our best to let everyone know about Peace Day, but you can do your bit to spread the word too.

Send colleagues, friends and family an e-postcard (facility coming soon) inviting them to visit the site and sign up to Springboard’s Peace Day initiative.  Together let’s not take peace for granted but make it a shared ethos of our society.

Wear our wristband or use our mug.  Perhaps you’ve signed up for a fun run, contact us to wear one of our t-shirts. They’ll certainly create a sense of identity for your event….and they look pretty cool too!

Click here to download your sponsorship form.

Share your views…and your support

  • What are your thoughts about Peace Day?
  • How are you planning to mark Peace Day this year?
  • Have you been involved in previous Peace Day events or activities?

Share your thoughts, hopes and experiences with us…or to simply express your support for the International Day of Peace.

Short, sharp messages

It’s amazing how 140 characters can focus the mind.  So for clear, concise regular updates on what’s happening for Peace Day, follow us on Twitter

Show your support

Do you have a website or blog?  You can create a link to by following our simple instructions.

Creating a link will not only spread the word about Peace Day, it will also help to improve your web site’s search engine optimisation!

Get organisized!

Is your organisation involved in Peace Day?   If so, why not show your support of our Peace Day Campaign in your promotions by publishing the Peace Day Campaign logo and banner.

Simply download the Peace Day Campaign logo and banner.



After all, if you’re in it, you may as well flaunt it!

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